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Bronze Chinese

19th/20th C. Chinese ‘YUNBAI’ White Bronze Opium Lighter


Chinese Shang/Zhou Dynasty style Bronze Axe with Human Figure & Inscription


Antique Chinese Bronze Circular Mirror 4 Calligraphy w/Patina


Chinese Republic Bronze Ink Container 1920/30


Chinese / Tibetan Silvered Bronze Pig or Wild Boar figure Scholars Scroll weight


Chinese Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) nice bronze big belthook v4173


Fine Old China Chinese Bronze Ding Censer Burner Scholar Art


Antique Chinese Bronze/Brass Water Pipe Engraved Designs Lathed Wood Stem


Chinese old copper Bronze Copper seal and box stamp




18th Century Antique Chinese Bronze Censer Xuande Mark


Fine Antique Chinese Bronze Censor


Chinese Antique Bronze Scholars Object Scroll Weight Longgui Dragon Turtle QING


Antique Chinese Bronze Carved Inlay Silver Wire Flower Butterfly High Legs Plate


Chinese Warring states period (475-221 BC) nice bronze belthook v4233


Exquisite Chinese bronze Hand Carved Dragon statue Loud Whistle


2.2" Curio Chinese Bronze Tripedal Binaural Xuande Furnace Incense Burner Censer


chinese Old bronze hand carving Mantis statue figure Noble gift home decoration


Antique Chinese Bronze Charcoal Pan With Jade Handle


Collection of Chinese bronze hand-carved special auspicious animals - frog


A Superb Chinese Bronze Censer


Old chinese fengshui bronze gilt foo dog lion beast statue Incense Burner Censer




Chinese Bronze Snuff Spoon, Swan Head Handle - 56744


Chinese Bronze Carving 12 Zodiac Year Monkey Dragon Sheep Dog Animal Statue


Chinese Bronze Tripod Censer w/ Cover Prunus Incense Burner Xuande Mark 宣德帝


Chinese 1920's nice carved bronze bangle v953


Chinese 20th century nice one pair bronze lions u3829


Chinese Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) nice bronze knife v4249


Chinese 19th century nice bronze lucky money v2839


Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) nice big bronze lucky money v2727


Fine Early Antique Chinese Bronze Ornate Censor Stand


Chinese Xian Feng (1851-1861) nice big bronze lucky money v2803


Chinese Liao Dynasty (916-1125) nice bronze sword's case v4291


Antique Chinese Hand Mirror Two types of Jade Bronze Filligree Amazing!!!


2 Chinese Bronze Zhou/Spring & Autumn period Style Spear Heads w/ Inscriptions


Unusual Old Chinese Bronze Mirror with Swirl Design JOHN F. PISCOPO COLLECTION


Vintage Heavy Chinese Shou Lao Xing God of Longevity Bronze Statue 12” Tall


Chinese Coin Ancient Bronze Copper Set of Four Free Shipping


Estate Fine China Chinese Bronze Buddha Scholar Art


Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) nice big bronze lucky money v2767


Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) nice big bronze lucky money v2747




Large China Chinese Qing Dynasty Bronze Flower Vase


Chinese Liao Dynasty (916-1125) nice decorated bronze ornament (deer) t629